Living Countryside

registered as a Charity No.1116141 - early 2000Living Countryside - a brief history

19th May 1999:
A report is circulated to the Agricultural Industry by the current trustees outlining the idea for a website to explain agriculture and its role in the countryside.

8th September 1999:
The domain and a number of others are registered to enable the start of the project.

December 1999:
Initial work starts on the conservation database - a guide that illustrates the conservation work of farmers, explaining what is done and why.

6th September 2000:
Living Countryside Ltd is incorporated as a not-for profit company.

3rd October 2000:
The website is given a physical launch at the Hampshire County Council's "Landscape, a Strategy for the Future".

1st December 2000:
Development begins on the "history of the countryside - a 3d virtual tour".

6th February 2001: website introduces a fun & games section, a friendly resource to encourage learning.

5th September 2001:
The website is re-designed to version 2.

21st November 2001:
300 conservation projects are now included in our database and illustrated through the website. Each project has been individually catalogued and photographed and explains what has been done and why.

20th April 2002:
UK Agriculture teams up with FACE and offers a branded section of the Field to Fridge Series. Living Countryside Ltd welcome the liaison commenting that it is vital that the agricultural industry minimises duplication so that the scarce resources available within the industry could be used to best affect.

15th November 2002:
The long awaited History of the Countryside and Agriculture is published. With over 20 3D virtual reality movies depicting the landscape over the last 15,000 years, this resource will be of interest to anyone connected or interested in the countryside. The project, which has been under development for over twelve months helps to further fulfill the objects of Living Countryside Ltd in explaining the role and importance of agriculture in the countryside.

25th March 2003:
The History of the Countryside and Agriculture features on BBC1 South Today.

29th June to 2nd July 2003:
Our Field to Fridge series inspires and freatures in the RASE Grain Chain event. The unique Grain Chain provides visitors with a fascinating look at the processes involved from field to fridge.

25th March 2004:
Inspired by the web site the Environment Agency launches its "Farming in Focus" CD Rom designed to help Agency staff understand agricultural production techniques. Featuring hundreds of images from our field to fridge series, the CD Rom is an excellent example of collaborative working to advance understanding about agriculture.

6th October 2004:
A major revision, version 3 of the site is announced with new dynamic menus for easier and quicker access across sections of the site. In addition a new collaborative initiative with FACE is announced as we launch The Four Seasons.

30th June 2005:
The website is pleased to record its 500,000 visitor.

10th December 2005:
We launch our strategy for the recreation of biodiverse grassland throughout the UK.

23rd May 2006:
We launch our hedgerow trees campaign.

15th July 2006:
The website is pleased to have welcomed its 1,000,000th visitor.

28th February 2006
We launch our solution to the UK's housing crisis.

11th September 2006
The whole of the UKagriculture website is launched in W3C style, featuring cross browser compatibility and floating styles - version 4.

15th September 2006:
Living Countryside Ltd is registered as a charity and will drop the Ltd status. Our educational resource will be further developed and we will continue to work to improve the countryside for future generations.

10th October 2006:
We are pleased to be able to assist the RPA with their staff training through the resource.

2nd August 2007
What's next for set-aside? With obligatory set-aside looking like ending, we propose a solution for preserving the valuable habitats that have been created.

2nd October 2007
Over 1000 high resolution images are now available from our farming picture library and are designed to support the Year of Food and Farming. This and other pledges that we have made to support the Year will add greatly to the online resources available to teachers, pupils and students.

23rd May 2008
We have added our seasonal foods database to the site. Development is ongoing and data for fruit and salads will be added shortly and additional vegetables. Also new to the site are a series on production cycles and the start to our energy cropping section.

8th January 2009
Field to Fridge has been updated and now includes beef. The beef industry is incredibly complex with farmers adopting numerous systems to finish animals for market. We have split the process into two main sections: dairy beef and suckled beef and within each illustrated examples of the differing approaches used by farmers.

11th June 2010
Celebrating our tenth year we have added over 300 new images to the multimedia library. A wide range of new subject matter is included.

8th October 2010
Farms to visit - a major new section to the website is added to support schools and colleges that are looking for farms to visit. In addition to a database listing, our custom Google map provides location and website details for each of the listings.

28th December 2010
Our unique mobile phone based website at is a great guide to help you select locally produced food that is in season whilst you are out and about. Please note that this is not an "app" but a fully dedicated website for small screen mobile phones.

30th December 2010
A significant update to the website that includes a new section on Livestock Breeds as well as the addition of lettuces to Field to Fridge, an update that also includes high resolution images for the crop.